Where do you go when you need a better solution for collaboration and document management, and the old tools just don’t cut it? The answer is: Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Grønt Punkt Norge (“Green Dot Norway”) is a privately owned non-profit company, which finances the recovery and recycling of used packaging on behalf of the industrial sector.

An intranet built to order


As a project-intensive organization handling a large number of documents, Grønt Punkt Norge needed strong tools for document production and general document management workflow.

Puzzlepart took this into consideration when producing a new intranet with three main areas:

A project area that maintains all projects and allows users to provision new projects based on a common template. Each project can be adapted by the end users.

A wiki-based knowledge portal used to publish and organize know-how and practical guides for employees.

Department sites for co-production and collaboration.

In addition, the intranet uses out-of-the-box search and content publishing.

Configuration rather than coding

At Puzzlepart, we aim to use SharePoint the way it was meant to be used. This means we try to configure as much as possible without writing custom code. That way we make it easier to leverage the power of SharePoint, while the system is easier to maintain and upgrade.

We started out by defining the intranet in terms of user tasks and mission-critical business operations. Through workshops, usability studies and project meetings, tasks and requirements where mapped out and prioritized. The resulting solution design document was the main guide for the development project.

Training and adoption

In order to ensure user adoption, Puzzlepart assisted in creating a detailed training schedule. Each department attended several training sessions, and management was heavily involved in the rollout.

“We are really satisfied with the way Puzzlepart has handled this project,” says Brage Vandvik Haugen, IT Manager at Grønt Punkt Norge.

“When I use consultants, I always have high expectations,” says Haugen. “I expect them to know more than I do, that they solve issues faster, and that they can sketch and create better solutions than I can.”

“In short, they need to deliver what I need, not what I want. Puzzlepart has delivered beyond expectations,” finishes Haugen.