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Work together, work easier and worry less with Office 365

Discover the endless possibilities of tools, configurations and customization options you can utilize to help your business be more productive.



Collaboration Tools

Office 365 is so much more than Word, Outlook and SharePoint. With more than 25 different productivity tools to collaborate, Office 365 has more ways to make your business more productive than anyone else.
Choose the right tool. Regardless.


Guaranteed Uptime

Microsoft has committed to 99.9% up-time of Office 365 with a financially backed guarantee, and the data for the recent years show an up-time of at least 99.98%.
Be available. Always.


Mobile Users

72% of the workforce will be mobile by 2020. Make sure to choose the platform that is mobile first with all their tools available on mobile, tablet and desktop across all platforms.
Be productive. Anywhere.

Our approach is simple

Configuration before code. Our intranets are aligned with the platform, ensuring that you can receive the latest platform goodies provided by Microsoft.

Work together

Collaboration is the cornerstone of any modern intranet, and our intranets has people and teams working together centre stage. We’ve created collaboration templates for any need, in a range of shape and form.

Share and organize

Creating and sharing content is a breeze with the tools available in Office 365. For many businesses, using simple solutions like Yammer and OneNote is more than enough to share and work together on content and ideas.


The demand for a traditional one-to-many intranet is still very relevant, and we like to deliver on this with a modern touch. Using the publishing features of the platform and enhancing collaboration through Yammer and aggregated content, communicating effectively has never been easier.

Our upgrades make it yours


News carousels are a popular way to bring your news and information to users. We’ve got them in all shapes and forms.

Location, location, location!

Mapping offices on a map, using Google maps and backed by a SharePoint list. Linked to the office collaboration sites.

Self service

We’re adding another level of smartness on top of the enterprise wiki in SharePoint. Browse, search and find the content your need – produced by your colleagues.

Content discovery

Wiki pages tagged with your taxonomy, combined with the classic wiki folksonomy. Used to retrieve related information across your Office 365 platform.

Personalized content

Using the power of the platform, we serve you the sites that are relevant to you.

Intuitive navigation

We recognize that navigating Office 365 can be challenging as content grows. That’s why we’ve created a mega menu backed by a term set, and available across all your SharePoint sites.

Beautiful calendar listings

Show upcoming events in a beatiful way – from a company calendar or from across teams and offices.

Upgrade your intranet today

Get the most from you Office 365 investment.
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