As usual we sent our emissary Mikael Svenson to Atlanta for Ignite. In addition to present three sessions and helping staff the Microsoft booth on Office 365 Groups, he was tasked to come back with 5 pieces of nuggets to put on our blog. This is what he came back with, and we think it’s pretty cool!

1. Office 365 Groups Roadmap

The investments in O365 Groups just keep on rolling, and with the release of Modern Team Sites for O365 Groups as well as the investments in governance and control of O365 Groups I think the question “When to use what?” between old Team Sites and O365 Groups is slowly withering away. Going forward Groups is what you will use.

2. Contextualized search via the Microsoft Graph

Whether you are looking to browse files as attachments for Outlook, finding PowerPoint decks to copy slides from, or looking for a file in Delve or a Team site, Microsoft promises to use contextualized search. This adds weight to what You are interested in, and Where you are searching from to ensure the most relevant hits are on top. If they manage to grokk this, this is huge, and will put a nail in the coffin of the traditional “Enterprise Search Center”.



3. Synonyms in SharePoint Online search

Being able to decipher and match search queries with your content is a constant challenge when looking for content. Getting synonym support will help us close this huge gap, and ensures users get even better results without having to resort to hacks.

4. PowerApps, Flow and InfoPath

Constantly evolving, creating workflows with Flow and using these in SharePoint or via PowerApps just gets better and better. And with PowerApps designated as the replacement for InfoPath in forms scenarios, how can I not be excited about the future? Which means, more and more is happening with Office 365, and it’s going to be hard for on-premises to catch up.

5. SharePoint Online sync preview and selective sync

Finally Microsoft releases the ability to have offline sync of SharePoint document libraries. And at the same time they bring back the possibility to not sync all folders, but selectively sync folders on what you need. You can even sync folders shared with you by a colleague.