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Upgrade your projects with the Project Portal

The complete solution for project- and portfolio management. Based on Difi’s Prosjektveiviser, developed specifically to enhance and simplify collaboration and project management with Office 365 and SharePoint.

Big wins with project management in SharePoint

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Everything in one place

Immediately get the big picture with portfolio tools. All your projects in one place. Review project status and mitigate in real time.

Cloud or On-prem

Stay in control wherever you are on mobile, tablet or your desktop computer. The Project Portal runs with SharePoint Online, Office 365 or On Premises. Simply log in with SSO.

Reduce risk and save

The Project Portal gives you the confidence and assurance provided by Difi’s proven Prosjektveiviser methodology. Built as Open Source and easily customizable to suit most needs and project sizes.

Developed with the public sector



Asker Municipality

Asker Municipality

The Project Portal in 5 minutes

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Key features


Portfolio tools

Project Managers rejoice! All projects come complete with a log reporting on discrepancies, incidents and mitigations. Easily assign tasks to log entries for meeting followups, or actionable mitigations.


Best-in-class document management

Get the best tools for document management with SharePoint. Edit documents with any browser or Office app. Co-author in real-time, and use metadata and folders to get the views you need. Syncronize with OneDrive for a full offline experience.

Sjekkliste ved faseendring

Phase change quality assurance

Changing phases in any project can be daunting. Knowing if you are on track or not is crucial for any successful project. The Project Portal eliminates uncertainties with phase change checklists based on the Prosjektveiviseren methodology. You can also set up your own checklists to suit your needs perfectly.


Standard templates

Easily establish and manage a library of templates like projects plans and budgets. Standard templates and documents are automatically added to new projects.


Powerful tasks engine

Tasks are easy! Standard tasks can be added to any new project. Assign deadlines and add tem to the timeline for instant overview of your progress. You can even syncronize your tasks with Outlook.


Rights management

The Project Portal uses SharePoint’s powerful Permissions engine. Assign separate groups for project owners, members and visitors to any project, and reuse groups the groups on any other project for simple and flexible rights management.